Tonights the night... Game One of the Play-Offs between the Tigers and the Orioles, in Baltimore. Max Scherzer on the mound.  Game time: 5:37pm. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!


After mounting reports of lapses in security, including the revelation that a man rode an elevator with the President while carrying a gun, Julia Pierson, the Head of the Secret Service, resigned yesterday

- In Washington "Resigned" is the code word for "Don't Let The Door Hit You On The A** On Your Way Out". 

- Her temporary replacement said the Secret Service will step up their efforts to protect the President "by hook 'r by crook".


Microsoft announced that the operating system replacing Windows 8 will be called Windows 10. 

- They decided on Windows 10 because "Wallside Windows", "Majic Windows" and "Hanson Windows" were already taken. 


According to a new study, married men live longer than single men despite the fact that single men are thinner than their married counterparts. 

- Bottom line: Married men will be older when they die, but single guys will look better at the funeral home. 


P. Diddy told an interviewer that Jennifer Lopez's booty is a "work of art". 

- If JLo's is a "work of art", then Kim Kardashian's is an entire Museum. 


A study of U.S. Treasury Securities found that we're borrowing an astounding $8 Trillion a year. 

- If don't know how much 8 Trillion dollars's A LOT. 

- Here's an idea, take 10 bucks from the 8 Trillion and buy a lock for the White House front door. 


The first case of Ebola has been confirmed in the US...with dozens, possibly hundreds of people at risk who came into contact with the patient. 

- Obviously our "Immigration Policy" on viruses isn't working any better than the one we have with people. 


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