Gas prices are dropping...and if they haven't already...will probably fall to less than three dollars a gallon in coming days. 

- Gosh! It must be election time... ya think???

- Think of it as Happy Hour at your gas station...when it's a lot cheaper to get tanked. 


A new study found that Atheists Tweet more that Muslims, Jews and Christians. 



A study by the FBI found that the average American has a better chance of getting robbed on the Internet than on the street. 

- It's known as iMugging. 

- But a guy named Mgumbo that's been emailing me from Nigeria told me it's not true.  


Jennifer Lawrence says she has a crush on Woody Allen, but is in love with Seinfeld creator Larry David. But David says she's too young for him. 

- He basically told her to "Curb her Enthusiasm". 

- Ironically, Larry David says Lawrence is too young for him to date...and Woody Allen says she's too OLD for HIM to date. 


This week's Saturday Night Live tied a record for the lowest viewed episode in the show's history. 

- So look for a totally non-funny sketch about it this coming Saturday. 


Duck Dynasty star John Luke Robertson got engaged to his girlfriend. 

- Sounds like somebody done did get knocked up. 

- Even if she isn't pregnant, I have a feeling this is gonna be a Shotgun Wedding. 


Tom Cruise's ex-wife Katie Holmes has signed on to reprise her role as Jackie Kennedy in a new mini-series. 

- Meanwhile Tom has signed on to play a Munchkin in a remake of "The Wizard of Oz".


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!