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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #139. Today we talk about a great charity event benefiting the Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation that the entire Purtan family had the honor and privilege of co-chairing. The evening was called "Wine, Women & Shoes" which amazingly featured Wine, Women and Shoes! Daughter JoAnne was the MC, while Jackie and I spoke and acted as "auctioneers" for the many fine packages up for bids.

There was a strolling wine-tasting, High Heels served on silver platters by some "hot" (according to the women) "Shoe Guys", and a fashion show featuring some of the falls hottest looks. (Again...I was told that by my daughters...I wouldn't know a "hot fall look" if it showed up on my front doorstep labeled "Hot Fall Look".)

It was a great evening and all proceeds went to support the incredible work being done every day by the Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation. 

My good friend, the incredibly gifted Dr. Larry Fleischman was there... He's the one who literally saved Jackie's life when she was 15, and suffering from a potentially fatal Blood-Kidney disease. After 15 dialysis treatments and 63 days in the hospital, she came home disease free! 

It was a great evening (I was even asked to model during the Neiman-Marcus fashion show but declined when they weren't including anything from the Michael Moore Collection.) and you can hear all the details now in Podcast #139! 

NOTE: Daughters JoAnne & Julie called in on the phone...and those parts are a tad low. Sorry...I've got to fire myself as the I.T. guy! 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with my regular blog...