They've only been back on the air for two weeks, but Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg got into a heated, expletive laced argument during a commercial break on "The View" Monday, leaving the audience stunned. Rosie was mad that Whoopi cut off her comments on spanking kids to go to a network mandated break. 

- The audience was only stunned that the two actually got along for two weeks before throwing the F-bomb at each other. 

- I understand Rosie's point...think of the millions of viewers who had to wait 3 whole minutes to find out whether or not they should spank their kids! 

- It's an historic day when Whoopi Goldberg comes off as the rational one. 


The World's Oldest Clown, Floyd "Creeky the Clown" Creekmore has died at the age of 98. 

- In lieu of "Flowers that Squirt Water", his family has requested donations to the "Everybody Can Be a Bozo Scholarship Fund". 

- "Creeky" performed right up until the end, although because of his age, he wasn't allowed to drive the tiny car filled with 27 of his co-workers at night. 


The White House held a state dinner for India's Prime Minister despite the fact that he's fasting. 

- Holy Cow! 

- He's not the first visiting Prime Minister to claim he was fasting after seeing Michelle's "Vegetable Dessert Tray". 

- The good news is, there was plenty of extra food for the uninvited guests who just strolled into the White House during the dinner. 


A study by Princeton University found that 20% of women who decide not to have kids say it's  because of the economy. 

- The study also showed that 45% of women who DO have kids say it's because they forgot to take their pill. 


Swimmer Micheal Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history, was arrested for his 2nd DUI after going 84 in a 45mph zone, and crossing the double yellow lines in a tunnel. 

- You'd think after all those laps, he'd at least be able to stay in his own lane. 

- I'm shocked that anyone would pass in a tunnel...unless they happen to be late for their radio show at CKLW. 


California passed a bill making it mandatory for both parties to give oral consent before sex can commence. 

- It's known as the "Discourse Before Intercourse" law. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!