Metro Detroit broke a record this morning! At 5:53am, the official temp was recorded at -9 below zero. The previous record was -8 set back in 1972. Wind chills are expected to go as low as 35 below. 

Frozen guy.jpeg

-Weather experts say they don't expect it to be this frosty again... unless L. Brooks Paterson tries to cross 8 Mile. 


Tonight all eyes will be on Washington DC as Barack Obama delivers the State of The Union Address. 

- Rumors started flying that the WH may just replay his speech from last year after someone heard him say, "If you liked last years State of the Union, you can keep last years State of the Union."

- They'll be plenty of clapping, jumping up and sitting down...mainly because the people in the Chamber will be trying to stay warm. 

- Millions are expected to watch. They want to see if Joe Biden can stay awake and look like he knows what the Prez is talking about at the same time.


Michelle Obama has invited openly gay basketball player Jason Collins to sit with her during the speech.

- Fashion bloggers are split on which one of them will wear the snazziest outfit.


Royal Caribbean's "Majesty of the Seas" returned to port two days early after 600 passengers were sickened with a gastrointestinal virus.

-Apparently the ship is called the "Majesty" because cruisers end up spending so much time on the throne.

- On the bright side, at least none of the engines caught on fire so they were actually able to make it back to land.


Italian thieves broke into a small church outside of Rome and stole a vial of blood belonging to the late Pope John Paul II. 

- I'm sure that's not gonna draw any attention when it shows up on ebay. 


An anonymous survey of NFL layers revealed that 85% of the league would play in the Super Bowl with a concussion. 

-Whataya have to do to make these guys understand? Hit them over the head? 


A Kansas man risked his life to run back into his burning house so he could save his Xbox. 

- People thought he was crazy until he explained "Xbox" is the nickname he uses for his Playstation 3. 


Have a great day...I'm putting on my snow pants and headin' out to play in a pothole!