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Welcome to the weekend and a brand new Podcast - #107.  Dad's no longer in North Korea having proudly hung his "Mission Accomplished" banner after his work with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un to achieve world peace. But our "Globe Trotter" isn't done yet...

Hearing about his success, Russian Prez. Vladimir Putin invited him to the Kremlin to help develop a high-tech security system for the upcoming Olympic games in Sochi. (I think it's his work on the Obamacare website that got him the gig!)

Dating dictators.jpeg

While there, Dad was stunned to find out that after retiring from being a ruthless Communist, one of the greatest insane Russian dictators of all time, Vladimir Lenin, would go on to write that incredible hit song "Imagine"  And when Putin showed him Josef Stalin's yearbook photo, (voted "Most Likely To Kill 20 Million of His Own People"), he realized that Stalin had a better haircut than Kim Jung Un. 

That leaves my special return guest Joe Noune and me to man (and woman) Podcast Central. And Joe has big news: HE HAS GIVEN UP ON ALL DATING! And when he shares the stories of just two of the dates he met online, you'll understand. Let's just say one of the women so misrepresented her "physical attributes" he ended up on a date at The Palace with a female Dick Butkus. 

To be honest, Joe's dating prowess was a non-starter even in high school. Just wait til you hear the story of his teenage girlfriend who told him she suffered from a rare disorder that would cause her to lose consciousness if he ever touched her. Yep...he believed her the entire three years they dated. 

So get out a tissue or two (you'll laugh, you'll cry...) and join us for Podcast #107!

Have a great weekend and Dad and I will see you back here Monday.