The Kenyan Mall Massacre continues as of this posting, four days after it began. The al Shabaab terrorists claim they are still holding 10 or more hostages. But there is an amazing twist being reported this morning.

A four-year-old British boy, Eliot Prior, confronted one of the terrorists. He bravely told the gunman “You’re a very bad man!” as he protected his mother Amber who had been shot in the leg, and his six year old sister Amelie. At that point the terrorist reportedly handed the two children Mars candy bars and said “Please forgive me… We are not monsters.” 

With 62 dead and upwards of 170 injured, I guess it depends on your definition of “Monster”. 

Meanwhile some of the Kenyan soldiers say they saw a woman in a white veil shouting orders to the terrorists in Arabic. Officials believe she may be a British woman in her late twenties known as “The White Widow” - who got her name after her husband blew himself up in a terrorist attack in 2007. She has been called the World’s Most Wanted Woman. 

It’s also believed that 2 or 3 Somalian American teenagers are among the terrorists. They emigrated to Minnesota with their parents where they were recruited by al Shabaab, and returned to Africa. 


Have a peaceful day…