Russian President Vladimir Putin penned a piece published on the op-ed page of today’s New York Times in which he castigates and lectures the United States on the Syrian situation. 
- Part II of the article will be in next months Cosmo and will feature a picture of him on a horse with no shirt and a list of what turns him on.  
The Russian commander of the International Space Station said he’s resigning for a better job. 
- He feels his career was just going around in circles….and is looking for something with a shorter commute. 
The controversial “Million Muslim March” on 9/11 in Washington was drowned out when twice as many bikers showed up and surrounded it with a “Two Million Biker March”. 
- Which was then surrounded by the “Three Million Secret Service Agent March”. 
- Next year they’re going to combine it into one big “Million Harley’s & Hajabs March”. 
Following his huge loss in the NYC Mayoral Primary, a defeated Anthony Weiner was photographed giving a reporter the finger. 
- Insiders say Weiner was not just defeated, but deflated as well. 
Elton John revealed that Lady Gaga visits his house occassionally and bathes his sons. 
- He got the idea when his youngest started saying “Goo-Goo GaGa”. 
- Next up: Miley Cyrus will be stopping by to take them to dance class. 
Oprah Winfrey revealed that she used to be afraid of balloons. 
- You can find out more about it when she sits down for an in-depth interview with herself on her OWN Magazine and TV channel next month. 
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