Welcome to the weekend and my 89th Podcast! Today Jackie and I share a mic with another former “Purtan’s Person”, Doctor Larry Lawson aka “The Story Lady” & “Wendell Ledbetter”,  two stable characters from my morning radio show. Well, okay, they weren’t really all that stable… 

We start things off with a discussion of lawyers Sam Bernstein and the always scintillating Geoffrey Fieger. (Fieger got an advanced copy of the Podcast and demanded that we call him “scintillating” or he’d sue us).

Then get ready for a jolt - Starbucks is opening a new store inside a funeral home. (Which leads visitors to say “He looks so peaceful…but a little jittery at the same time.”)

You’ll also hear about Jackie’s large collection of stolen silverware - and how it came into her possession one piece at a time. (It wasn’t pre-mediated, honest!)

And if there’s anyone who doesn’t need to steal silverware or anything else, it’s Larry. He reveals how his son Jeff is the founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar internet company. When I heard about it, I decided to have Jeff on the Podcast instead of Larry…but he didn’t return my call.  

Larry recently wed his 2nd wife Myra, who he promised to “Love for all internally”. Wanting to save the day, I quickly remind him that that’s “Love for all externally”. Thankfully, Jackie finally corrects us both. 

And since he’s been traveling, Larry pulls a fast one on me with a translation book so he can speak like a native while visiting Latin American countries. Let’s just say you can call me “E Pluribus Dumb-One”.

There’s also a “Story Lady” just like the one from days gone by, and an explanation of how interchanging the words “Tourism” and “Terrorism” almost landed Larry and me in the Canadain Hooscow during a radio road trip. 

There’s tons more so grab some coffee (preferably not from a funeral home) and click on Podcast #89!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here with my regular blog on Monday! 


Purtan Podcast #89  (40:28)