Because my IT guy is on vacation, I’m unable to put up my usual weekly Podcast. (Translation: I don’t know how to do it). But this gives me the chance to put up some of my favorite stuff from my radio show. 

This week we feature the remarkable talents of Gene Taylor (The Bagman) with a Ladie’s of Harley Poem, and Mark “Doc” Andrews with a couple of his Gordon Kinkaid Pop Quizes. In addition, I selected one of my favorite Joe Noune (Coleman Young) bits. And finally a short one with yours truly talking about Sinead O’Conner and the Pope. 

In listening to these cuts I’m reminded of all the good times we had and how much I miss Gene and Doc, who both left this earth much too soon. 

I hope you enjoy listening to these selections from “The Best of Purtan - Vol. 3” - 1992.


Gene Taylor - The Ladies Of Harley (2:08)

Doc Andrews - Gordon Kinkaid Quicky Quiz (1:03)

Doc Andrews - Gordon Kinkaid Educational Pop Quiz (1:16)

Dick - Sinead O’Conner & The Pope (:45)

Joe Noune - Dick, Mayor Young & The Hermaphrodite (2:15)

Gene Taylor - Ladies of Harley Poem