Bradley Manning, the soldier who revealed government secrets to Wikileaks, was sentenced to a surprisingly light 35 years in prison. 

- He could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he’d just gone into professional football like his brothers Peyton and Eli. 

- The light sentence came as a surprise to everyone but Bradley. He’d given a copy of the judge’s decision to Wikileaks weeks ago. 


Manning, who made “gender confussion” a big part of his defense says he will begin hormone therapy and begin living life as a woman named Chelsea. 

- Looks like somebody’s Prison dance card is filled for the next 35 years!

- “Chelsea” says like all women, she wants a magical wedding to the man of her dreams…Eric Snowden. 


San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who has been accused of groping 18 different women, has now reached a tentative deal. 

- He goes to jail…but gets to share a cell with Bradley Manning. 


Richard Branson has raised the price of a trip into space on his Virgin Galactic airline from $200,000 to $250,000. 

- For the extra $50 grand, you get a round trip. 


Researchers have developed a smart phone app that decodes a baby’s cry to let the parents know if the child is hungry, tired or “uncomfortable”. 

- I thought we already had an App for that…it’s called MOM. 


Ex-Pope Benedict says he quit because God told him to resign during a “mystical experience”. 

- That, or somebody was dipping into the Papal wine rack more than Sunday mornings.  


The Obamas just got a second dog. 

- The Prez immediately hired an official “Pooper Scooper” for the dog, thus created another “shovel ready job”.


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