In an interview last week, Martha Stewart admitted to sexting, having a one-night stand, and most shockingly - having a threesome. 

- Or as the other two participants in the threesome called it, “NOT a Good Thing!”

- I’m thinking the one night stand happened back when she was in Prison.  


New research shows that women go through 150 hairstyles in a lifetime. 

- Except for Marge Simpson who just sticks with one. 

- About 50 of the hairstyles happen in the hours leading up to a teenager’s Senior Prom. 

- Men, on the other hand have only three hairstyles: Having hair, The Combover, and Completely Bald. 


Interest in Paula Deen’s annual cruise has increased so much that another one has been added. 

- She just loves the ocean…especially the white caps. (Ooooh Sorry! Cheap shot!)


Former New England Patriots receiver Dion Branch said murder suspect Aaron Hernandez is “a great guy”. 

- Isn’t that what Dennis Rodman said about Kim Jong Un? 

- And let’s not forget that Hitler was a terrific dancer! 

- Branch added that he’s not only “a great guy”, but “a great shot” as well. 


Jessica Simpson says she thinks her newborn baby boy, Ace Knute Johnson, is going to become President of the United States. 

- Well I think we can pretty much rule out brain surgeon and rocket scientist.   


Today is World UFO Day. It was started in 2001 and is dedicated to the existance of Unidentified Flying Objects. 

- In Washington DC it’s know as “Eric Snowden Day” since they can’t undentify his current location and have no idea where he’s flying to. 


Have a great day…and I’ll see you back here Wednesday!