It’s the first of July! A great month! (Did I mention it’s my Birthday month? I’ve already made my reservations at Chuck E. Cheese!) But I’m getting ahead of myself… Yesterday, June 30, was daughter Jackie’s, (and partner in web and podcasting crime’s) Birthday! The pic was taken last night at exactly 9:03pm by my wife (and her mother) Gail! Now that I think about it…Gail probably should have been in the picture since her “contribution” to Jackie’s being born was substatially greater (and time consuming) than mine!


Speaking of getting older, Saturday night the Rolling Stones performed in front of a crowd of 170,000 at a festival in England and got rave reviews! Not bad for a band who’s aggregate age is 276. One reviewer said “The last time they perfeormed in front of that many people was when they played the Stonehenge Opening Ceremony in 2300BC”.

- Personally I thought it was when they played in Egypt at the opening of the Great Pyramid in 2600BC. 


Saturday was National Camera Day. 

- Or as Anthony Weiner calls it: Saturday. 

- Poloroid had originally planned a big party, but nothing developed. 

- It’s the one day of the year people on Facebook spend the entire time taking and posting “cute” pictures of their cats. No wait…that’s everyday.


In an interview, Cher ranked Tom Cruise as number one of her top 5 lovers. 

- Ironically, so did her son Chaz Bono. 

- She said George Washington would have made the cut if it wasn’t for those pesky wooden teeth! 


Alec Baldwin went on a wild, expletive-filled homophobic Twitter rant against a British reporter last Friday. 

- He should save his expletive-filled rants for the people who deserve them…like his daughter. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!