Nik Wallenda, great grandson of the original, “Flying Wallenda”, successfully crossed the Grand Canyon live on the Discovery Channel last night without a security harness. He walked most of the distance, but actually ran the last bit into the arms of his crying wife and amazed kids. 

- You want to see amazed kids, you should have seen mine over the weekend when I misplaced the TV remote and actually WALKED all the way to the TV to change the channel. 


After eleven years, the Food Networks Queen of Southern cooking, Paula Deen, has been fired after she admitted that in the past, she used racial epithets and allowed racially-charged comments in the workplace. 

- Look for her new book, “Cooking with African-American Eyed Peas” coming to a bookstore near you.


NSA Whistleblower Eric Snowden is not as of this writing on his way from Russia to asylum in Equador. 

- The only thing they know for sure is that he’ll be making a brief stop in Cuba…to pick up some cigars. 


Speaking of air travel, a new study finds that Americans rate Airlines lower than the US Post Office in terms of customer satisfaction. 

- If you’d like to hear more on this story in English, press one. To hear it in Spanish, press two.


Some people are complaining that this year’s World’s Ugliest Dog contest was rigged after the title went to a dog that was far from the ugliest.

- Hey, Shitzu happens.

- People knew something was wrong when the “Miss Congeniality” prize went to a Pit Bull. 


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have revealed of their baby girl: North West. 

- I thought for sure they were headed in a different direction. 


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