Welcome to the first weekend of Summer and Podcast #83! In today’s all-new edition, Jackie, my wife Gail & I find all kinds of stuff to talk about - including the latest “dig” for Jimmy Hoffa, who (surprisingly)  they did NOT find! (They did however manage to locate a needle in a haystack). 

Speaking of people in the, uh, “family business”, the three of us weigh in on the untimely death of the great actor James Gandolfini. Anyone who can “whack” people for a living and still make the audience love him is pretty amazing! He was sort of the Lawrence Olivier of Mafia Actors. (Or “Larry Oliver” as he’s known at my house). 

We also discuss the American Medical Association’s declaration that Obesity is a “disease”, and we’ll tell you the real reason Lindsay Lohan moved out of the Betty Ford Treatment Center and checked into a different Rehab in Malibu. 

As we “Spin the Wheel of Topics”…we also land on Cher, a new Chinese product designed to “Repel Perverts”, plus a new Muppet, “Alex”,  for kids who have a parent in Prison. (Everytime I see a picture of Kwame in a fur coat, I mistake him for a Giant Muppet!) 

There’s tons more - so “take a load off” and “click on to” Podcast #83!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you right back here Monday with my regular Blog! 


Purtan Podcast #83   (41:07)