The Wings lost to the Blackhawks Monday night forcing a Game 7 in Chicago Wednesday night. A lot of mistakes (including some by the refs according to many angry fans) led to the Blackhawks getting and scoring on a penalty shot, giving them the fourth goal and a 4-3 victory. But as they say, it ain’t over til the fat lady sings. Here’s hoping Rosie O’Donnell is nowhere near the ice Wednesday night! GO WINGS!!!!!


The Pope upset some religious traditionalists by saying that even atheists can get to Heaven, if they do good works on earth. 

- Of course the Atheists don’t believe him.  


Target now sells a line of wedding dresses. 

- Walmart is going even further by offering dresses for sale, and renting out their greeters for the “Something Old & Something Blue” parts. 


Last week Jodi Arias said if her life is spared, she’ll start a prison recycling program. 

- She may be a cold-blooded killer, but at least she cares about the planet! 

- Jodi went a step further saying that she would never dump any future boyfriends that she murders in our over-crowded landfills. 


Spain’s National Statistics Institute reports that the most common names in Spain are Maria and Jose. 

- No wonder so many guys are walking around Spain singing “I Just Met a Girl Named Maria”. 


Universal Studios is creating a “Simpsons” theme park in Orlando. 

- All the rollar coasters have a sign that reads “You must be as tall as Marge’s hair to ride this ride”. 

- They expect the most popular attraction to be “The Homer” where you get to sit on a couch drinking beer in your underwear. 

- Test-riders on “The Donut” were said to emerge with a glazed look in their eyes. 


A Buffalo Bills fan is getting attention for having a large tattoo of O.J. Simpson’s 1994 mug shot on his thigh. 

- If that won’t have women beating down his door I don’t know what will. 

- He’s also having a small tat of Kato Kaelin inked…on what he call his “guest kneecap”. 


Have a great day!