Many Thanks and Congratulations to the Wolverines for a great game last night and a great run-up to the NCAA Championship! They’re young…they’re good…and barring the lure of the NBA, they’ll be back! 

And Congrats to the Spartans who did the Green proud as well by making it to the Sweet 16!


NASA has announced that the U.S. won’t be going to the moon again. 

- Unlike Jackie Gleason’s wife Alice, who went many times.    

- It’s not a total loss…Because Disney has announced plans to build a moon replica at Epcot. 


A Veterinarian say that sick dogs should be prescribed medical marijuana for pain. 

- So look for your pet to start wearing a neck brace and saying it hurts too much to drag his butt across the carpet. 

- People for the Ethical Treatment Of Goldfish wanted them to have weed for pain as well, but the lit joint kept going out when they dipped in in the bowl. 

- Or you could send your dog to Willie Nelson’s house and let him just breath in the air. 


Denny’s restaurant has opened a wedding chapel at one of their locations in Las Vegas. 

- They also have a Honeymoon package called the “Wedding Night Slam”. 

- In a related story, IHOP will host weddings for gay couples that includes the ceremony and a complimentary “Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity Buffet”. 


Fidel Castro urged North Korea to avoid nuclear warfare. 

- This is what happens when Dennis Rodman spends Spring Break in Cuba. 


Saudi Arabia’s religious police are now allowing women to ride bikes, but with limitations. 

- They can only ride bikes that don’t have wheels or handlebars. 

- If they do ride a real bike they suffer a severe punishment that gives new meaning to the expression, “Look ma! No Hands!”. 


President Obama has 29.5 million Twitter followers, but it was revealed that his account is run by his former campaign group, and he doesn’t write the tweets and might not even agree with them. 

- Well that explains the time he tweeted: “Joe Biden is the greatest Vice Prez ever!”

- Of course he doesn’t manage the account…No President can sit around all day twittering his thumbs! 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Wednesday!