Big Day! Big Weekend! First pitch of the Tiger’s Home Opener at Comerica Park is set for 1:08p.m. Doug Fister takes the mound against the Yankees. As an added bonus, Tiger great Willie Horton of the ‘68 World Series will throw out the ceremonial first pitch! So if you didn’t already call-in sick and are actually at work, now would be a good time to start “not feeling so well”! 

Here are a few tips: 

- Dip your face in ice cold water and don’t dry it off. It will make your face red and the water droplets will indicate a high fever that is breaking. 

- Ask your boss if he or she happens to have a spare blanket as you are suffering from intense chills. 

- Eat something spicy which will make your nose run. Leave the used Kleenex prominately displayed on your desk for all to see. 

- Abruptly leave a meeting and run to the bathroom. Return to meeting. 2 minutes later…do it again. 

- If all else fails, call your cell from a landline. Answer it. Look shocked. And tell everyone, tearfully, that your Grandmother just passed away. NOTE: If she is still alive, tell her not to answer her phone today. 


Switching sports…tomorrow night, daughter #2 Jackie’s Alma Mater Michigan takes on my Alma Mater, the Syracuse Orange at 8:49pm. The winner will play for the NCAA Championship Monday night! 

Here’s my predicament: I spent a lot of money sending Jackie to Michigan…and my Dad spent a lot of money sending me to Syracuse. I still have my Freshman “Beanie” and my Letter Sweater (The “letter” was “L” for Large) Look for my predictions (and who I’ll be rooting for) right back here tomorrow!

Have a great day - and here’s to the Tiger’s doing the same!!!!!