A new study found that men really have a hard time reading women’s emotions. 

- D’oh! I mean Duh!


The latest hipster parenting movement is “going diaper-free”: Instead of putting diaper on babies, parents look for signals that they’re about to go and rush them to a bathroom.

- “Signals” include warm liquid running down the parents leg.  

- So basically they don’t believe in Pampering their kids. 


President Obama offered to wash the cars of U.S. Senators if they pass the immigration bill. 

- Then once it’s passed, all the immigrants will wash the Senator’s cars… just like they do now.

- The Senators said they’d consider it, but only if Obama wears a bikini.


4 in 10 Americans say obese people should have to buy an extra airline seat and should be weighed at the airport. 

- Which basically means that 6 in10 Americans are obese. 

- In a related story, 9 out of 10 Americans believe Linsday Lohan should be charged extra for all of her emotional baggage. 


New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner has opened a new Twitter account. 

- Hot dog!!!


Last week Kim Karsashian and Kris Humpries officially divorced. 

- Finally our long national nightmare is over. 

- Humphries didn’t get a dime in the settlement but got something much more valuable - He’s no longer related to the Kardashians. 


Have a great day, and thank you all for your kind wishes to my daughter JoAnne on her birthday yesterday!



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