North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has not made a public appearance in over 2 weeks. 

- Apparently he ran out of things to point at.   


In a related story…Dennis Rodman has confirmed that he will be heading back to North Korea in August. 

- If there still is a North Korea! 


A 6-year-old boy here in Michigan ran into a sign after taking his dad’s car to go look for Chinese food at 7:30 IN THE MORNING. 

- As punishment his father took away two of his video games…one from Column A and one from Column B. 

- The kid ended up making himself Moo Goo Gai Pan-Cakes for breakfast. 

- With a side of Almond Boneless Bacon. 


A woman in Russia has given birth to a child in a car for the third time.  

- And for the third time, she gave birth in the very same car in which the child was conceived. 


Now that Disney has purchased the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas, starting in 2015 they plan on releasing a sequel every summer. 

- So look for all the Storm Troopers to be wearing glass slippers…and Darth Vader to reappear in a sparkly dress and announce, “Luke…I am your Fairy Godmother!”


A French company is marketing a fork for dieters that vibrates to tell you when you’re eating too fast. 

- So now you know what to do when your eating and come to a vibrating fork in the road. 


Playboy has a new app that allows you to access only the articles on your Smartphone. 

- We’ll let you know how it goes over, as soon as somebody actually downloads the app. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow with an all new Podcast - featuring special guest Tom Ryan! He’ll share stories about his recent and rather eventful trip to Disneyworld!