And so...for the first time in almost 20 years, the Federal Government is shut down. While you may not have noticed anything different this morning, a couple of things did change: All National Parks and Monuments will be closed and all "non-essential" Federal employees will be furloughed. 

- I wonder how Harry Reid and John Boehner are going to spend their time off?

- Anthony Weiner is furious about having to cancel his picture-taking trip to the Washington, Monument.  


President Obama reassured the public that during the shutdown, essential services will stay open.  

- Like the IRS and the NSA.  

- I sure hope this doesn't screw up all the "orange-barrel boulevards" around town.  


Obamacare officially kicks in today, and one Wyoming Senator says that the insurance exchange computer systems are so unready, they "are being held together with duct tape and chicken wire." 

- So they're basically like Cher was before they invented Botox.  


Medical experts came up with a list of things more painful than kidney stones.  

 - They include childbirth, root canals, and having a root canal while giving birth to a child. 

- Most painful of all: Watching Miley Cyrus perform on an Awards show.  


Al-Qaeda opened it's first official Twitter account complete with links to other terrorist groups that people might be interested in following. 

- This gives new meaning to the phrase "My phone is blowing up!"  

- Who knew they could describe how to bomb America in 140 characters or less?  


Diet Coke is offering a special limited-edition can featuring Taylor Swift's signature.  

- And just like Taylor's relationships, the offer will only last for a short time.  

- Fifty bucks says with in a month she's dumped Pepsi and taken up with Dr. Pepper.  


Have a great day and, apparently being ESSENTIAL Federal Employees (Who Knew???) we'll be back here Wednesday!