With Michigan’s 58-57 win over Michigan State Sunday, the two teams evened up their basketball rivalry with one win apiece! Great game…but what was up with the Wolverines’ yellow shoes!? As they ran up and down the court, they looked like really tall glasses of Mountain Dew!


National Procrastination week starts today.

- The Kwame Kilpatrick jury starting celebrating this two weeks ago. 


The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Jay Leno is going to be doing his final Tonight Show soon and will be replaced by Jimmy Fallon. 

- Oscar host Seth MacFarlane is already recording a piece for the last show called “We Saw Your Chin!”. 


Charlie Sheen said he would like to be Lindsay Lohan’s mentor. 

- If only he knew something about car wrecks, doing Cocaine, and getting busted by the cops! 

Sheen denies, however that he and Lindsay are involved in a romantic relationship. 

- Actually they’ve been dating for six months, but neither one of them remembers it. 


Al Qaeda issued a list of 22 ways that al Qaeda members can avoid being killed by U.S. drones. 

- Their number one suggestion is to make sure you blow yourself up first. 


Kim Kardashian is reportedly displaying her baby bump to quell rumors that she’s faking her pregnancy.

- If it is real, by her ninth month Kanye West won’t be able to tell if she’s coming or going.


On this day in 1809, James Madison became the first US President inaugurated in American-made clothes. 

- On this day in 1817 his succesor, James Monroe, began the time-honored tradition of U.S. Presidents being inaugurated in clothes made in China, purchased at WalMart. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!



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