“Well the weather outside is frightful…but my new Podcast is so delightful…” How could it not be delightful when we welcome back “Mr. Positive” himself, former “Purtan’s Person” Jim Ochs to the table? 

Before we are barely underway, Jim announces that he has to use the restroom - giving Me and Jackie the chance to debate who did the best “Casey Kasem” imitation on my show - without making Jim feel bad. 

His imitation of “White Fang” does, however, provide us with the #1 and #2 reasons I get nervous inviting him to participate!

With the Oscars coming up…we talk about what appears to be the frontrunner…”Cornstarch”…I mean “Argo” and how it will fare against my personal favorite, “Lincoln”. Ironically, Jim’s belief that men like historical pictures while women prefer flicks featuring bare-chested men (ie: “Magic Mike”) sets off a verbal Civil War between Jackie, Jim and me that had me thinking we were going to end up at the Appomattox Court House!

We also reveal today’s most bankable actress…and least bankable actor. (Is it any wonder I co-starred with him in a movie???) Plus we give our opinions on which movie was best, the original “The In-Laws” with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin or the remake starring Albert Brooks and Michael Douglas. (Hard to believe the man married to Catherine Zeta Jones is playing Liberace in a new movie, but he is!) 

Then we switch from the silver screen to the computer screen to tell you about a new way internet scammers are using YOU to get your friends to open ads for a wide range of things. (Let’s just say my daughter JoAnne was a bit suspicious when she received an ad for a male-enhancement product allegedly sent to her by Jackie!) 

I also come clean about a wildly popular TV series that I don’t watch because, frankly, I can’t understand the accents. 

What I do understand is the need for your support for this year’s Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon coming up on Friday, February 22nd! I will be there for the entire 16 hour event…once again broadcast this year on 760 WJR. Remember…this is THE ONLY fundraiser for this critical program that feeds more than 5000 Metro-Detroit men, women & children everyday of the year, and shelters over 800 a night! More details to come in our next Podcast! 

So take a break from shoveling your driveway and tune in as we shovel a whole bunch of stuff on Podcast #73! 

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back hear Monday with my regular blog! 


Purtan Podcast #73: “History vs. Herstory?” (36:14)