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Welcome to the last weekend before Christmas! In this, Podcast #105, we welcome "Matinee Mindy" back to the table for a much requested "Part 2" visit. As you probably know, Mindy was Tom Ryan's sidekick for many years at WOMC. Well today she's back...and she's looking for two things: A husband and a job!


Mindy, who's never been married, regales us with more stories of the multitude of "First Dates" she's been on - largely arranged by her mother. Not to imply that her mother isn't a good matchmaker, but if she started an online dating website it would probably be called eHeCouldn'

Among the guys Mindy's been out with:

- A guy who took her to a Tiger game in 100 degree heat and in 9-Innings never offered to buy her so much as a bottle of water.

- The man who insisted on keeping their date despite the fact that he had full-on pneumonia. He took her to his "favorite seafood restaurant" and then announced that he hated seafood. 

- And a Movie-Date debacle involving a guy with an unhealthy hatred of Popcorn. 

Mindy also explains why she NEVER eats on dates, why her voice is so hoarse, and how only one of the 19 Program Directors she worked for at WOMC actually liked her on the air. 

She, Jackie and I also talk about accidentally "hiding" things from ourselves. (I'm still looking for a Christmas gift I got my wife Gail two years ago and stashed in a "secret place"). Speaking of Gail, I'll tell you how she and I played an instrumental role in Tom Ryan marrying his longtime wife Joan (Let's just say Joan didn't take our advice...)

I'll also reveal one of Tom's favorite songs - that station management only allowed he and Mindy to play ONE TIME each year...despite the fact that it had been a #1 Hit!

Finally, Jackie will tell us about a new word she learned that describes the feeling people get in their stomach when they even think about the person they're crazy about. (Let's just say you haven't lived until you've been "Twitterpated"). 

So stop Decking the Halls for a few minutes and tune-in to Podcast #105! BTW...if you're looking for a great gift idea for Mindy, a job would be perfect! 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday with some special Pre-Christmas cheer!