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Welcome to the weekend and Podcast #104...a rather appropriate number as today I welcome one of my longtime co-workers from WOMC (104.3) to the Dining Room Table... the one, the only "Matinee Mindy". 

Dad Jackie & Mindy.JPG

Mindy worked as Tom Ryan's producer and sidekick for more than 20 years which kept her so busy, she never had time to get married. She did date a lot - or should I say she went out on a lot of "First Dates".  Most were arranged by her mom (Mother Markowitz) and most of them were hilarious Titanic-esque Disasters. 

She tells us about the guy who drove her 80 miles per hour down the freeway - backwards, the one who asked her to go to Meijer at midnight so he could buy a razor, to shave his legs, and another date who stood her up but had a very good reason: He was in jail at the time they were supposed to meet. (The Octomom has had better luck with guys than Mindy).

There's also some radio gossip mixed in...

Just before we recorded, Mindy, Jackie and I had attended a Christmas luncheon with some of the old gang from our days at WOMC. Not everyone could make it (Quite possibly because not everyone was invited. You'll have to listen to find out the who's and whys!) 

We'll also tell you who was "let go" by station management while on maternity leave. (I guess the station figured since the baby was a girl, a "pink slip" would make an appropriate gift), how I found out that Drew & Mike were on their way out months before the ax fell, and Mindy shares the story of some high-level information she stumbled upon regarding ME that she kept from Tom Ryan for a very long week. 

And just in time for the holidays, we'll tell you about the new "cache" associated with retro "flip phones" that makes them iCooler than the latest iPhone. 

So be caller number ten right now... No wait, we're not on the radio anymore! Just click on the link above or below and treat yourself to a Matinee - Mindy that is - in Podcast #104. 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday!