Yesterday, a federal judge ordered Kwame Kilpatrick to pay $4.6 Million in restitution to the city of Detroit as part of his punishment for running a Racketeering Operation out of his Mayoral Office. He was also ordered to pay the IRS almost $200,000. 

Kwame Naughty Line.jpg

- He better pay the IRS bill fast or he could end up in...oh, wait! 

- Kwame heard the news while he was rehearsing for the Prison's annual "All I Want For Christmas Is Parole" Pageant.


The Detroit City Council will be sworn in today. 

- I remember the day Monica Conyers was "sworn in". She dropped 10 F-bombs and a dozen other expletives before she even took the oath. 


Time Magazine has chosen Pope Francis as it's "Person Of The Year" - the person who has had the greatest impact on the world.

- And to think I had 50 bucks riding on the guys from "Duck Dynasty". 

- Apparently the Pope has some friends in high places. 

Time made the announcement this morning on the "Today Show" adding that former NSA Leaker Edward Snowden was the runner up. 

- Actually Snowden and the Pope have a lot in common...for instance, they've both visited Russia. 


The man seen on television around the globe "signing" the speeches at the Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela has been exposed as a fake. Experts say as people like President Obama delivered their remarks, he moved his hands around and made gestures that meant absolutely nothing. 

- They should have caught on when the guy pulled on his ear and Joe Biden said, "Sounds like..."


A new study shows that frequent cellphone use by students leads to lower grades, anxiety and reduced happiness. 

- The anxiety and reduced happiness part also applies to the parents who are on the phone listening to their kids ask for more money. 

- With the education system in the shape it is, it's at least nice to know that there's still room for kid's grades to get even lower. 


Carrie Underwood says that she is praying for those who criticized her portrayal of Maria in last week's live broadcast of "The Sound of Music". 

- Interestingly, the producers were going to go with Taylor Swift but then realized she'd end up breaking-up with Captain Von Trapp and ruining the ending. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!