After Veterans of WWII embarrassed the Feds by breaking thru the barriers set up to keep them from visiting the World War II Memorial, the Government gave-in and "re-opened" the open-air Memorial.

- They may be in their 80's and 90's but these Vets still know how to bring down the bad guys. 


Interestingly, it cost more to put up the yellow tape and metal barricades then it would have cost to leave the memorial open which cost exactly nothing.  

- Apparently they were figuring the vets would keel over during the break-in, thus eliminating the need to provide them with healthcare!  


Day 3 of the Government Shutdown and some interesting tidbits have popped up, including the fact that while grocery stores on U.S. Army bases are closed, the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base is open.  

- It's good to be the President!  


The government shutdown has led to the cancellation of a KKK rally set for this weekend.  

- I think we're all thrilled to find out that our tax dollars go to hosting KKK get-togethers.  


On a lighter note...(so to speak)...the dating website OKCupid is reportedly allowing users to filter out fat and "unattractive" people for an additional fee. 

- So in addition to a "Flat Tax"...Now we've got a "Fat Tax".  


A new tourism guidebook from China is warning Chinese tourists not to pick their nose when traveling in foreign countries.  

- It may sound like a joke, but it's snot.  

- In China, tourists are allowed to pick their noses, although they do have do choose either "Nostril A" or "Nostril B".  


A wildlife study shows that primates like orangutans make an "O" face like human women do during sex.  

- Actually human women make the "O" face when they realize the guy they brought home from the bar is a real Orangutan.  

- The study also found that female orangutans didn't have red butts until they read about all the spanking in "Fifty Shades of Grey".   


In Beijing, Justin Bieber was photographed being carried up the Great Wall of China on the shoulders of his body guards.  

- Why can't the Federal Government shut Justin Bieber down?  


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday with an All-New Podcast! (#96!)