President Obama is now being called a liar by people of both political parties because many statements about the benefits of Obamacare, like keeping their doctors and their  health care plan, are turning out not to be true.   

pants on fire.jpeg

- Most Democrats didn't agree with the "liar" part  until they noticed smoke coming out of the President's pants.  


A new survey finds that 38% of children under age 2 have used devices like iPhones or Kindles before they're even able to talk in complete sentence.  

- Well that's what Twitter's for! 


The first flying car is set to go on sale in 2015 for around $279,000.

 - Here's hoping Lindsay Lohan buys the car. It'll be a lot harder to get in an accident if she the only driver in the air.  


A new survey finds that an increasing number of middle class Americans plan to work full-time until they die.  

- Hopefullly, this does not include pole dancers.  

- On the bright side, it'll work out pretty handy for grave diggers.  


The credit union in the same building as the TSA headquarters was robbed.  

- The thieves managed to get away with a pair of tweezers and two 5 ounce bottles of hand lotion.  

 - TSA agents vow they'll get to the bottom of this...and then throughly search the bottom of whoever's responsible. 


Hugh Hefner and his new wife, Playmate Chrystal Harris hosted a party at the Playboy mansion dressed as Robin Thicke and Myley Cyrus from the MTV Awards.  

- There was a lot of Twerking going on...because Hugh forgot to take his muscle relaxant.  


Bruce Jenner will reportedly be walking Kim Kardashian down the aisle when she marries Kanye West. 

- Each lucky wedding guest will receive a gift bag including a gift certificate to Bruce Jenner's plastic surgeon.


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