President Obama admitted during a speech yesterday that the Obamacare Website launch hasn't gone as smoothly as he'd planned, and that the Feds are bringing in top private computer companies to fix the problem.  


- Looks like my ten and twelve year old Grandkids are headed to Washington, D.C. this weekend!

- Chances are when they finally get it fixed, the "Navigator" assigned to help you sign up will be the Captain of the "Costa Concordia".  


Lady Gaga will star in a 90 minute Thanksgiving special with the Muppets.  

- Miss Piggy has gone into hiding fearing she'll be turned into a meat dress.  


Researchers from Northwestern University have found that getting a good night's sleep reduces phobias.  

- Especially the fear of insomnia.  


A California woman gave birth in a Barnes & Noble last week.  

- She refused aid from the paramedics saying she'd rather deliver the baby alone in the "Self Help" section.   

- Ironically the baby was conceived after she read "Fifty Shades of Grey" that she'd purchased at the same store.  


A London Fire Brigade had to help a man whose penis was stuck in a toaster.  

- Luckily the toaster had a "Pop Up" button.   


 "The Voice" star CeeLo Green pleaded not guilty to a felony charge of providing ecstasy to a woman.

- Meanwhile, a man in London was charged with providing ecstasy to a toaster. 


Dolly Parton sustained minor injuries in a fender bender in Nashville. 

- Fortunately since she's got her own, she had the airbags turned "Off" at the time.  

- Her headlights almost took out the paramedic who rushed to make sure she was okay. 


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