About a month and a half ago, Jim Leyland told Tiger General Manager Dave Dumbrowski that he would be be retiring as Tiger Manager at the end of this season.

Leyland almost goodbye.jpeg

Dumbrowski passed the information on to Tiger Owner Mike Illitch - and it stayed between the three of them until Leyland told the team after Saturday night's loss to the Red Sox. 

He said that he was proud of the team, but admitted that they let the American League Championship "get away from them". He didn't single out any specific players (saying that's never been his policy) and added that he believed next years team would be a good one and that he would be rooting for them in an as yet unnamed position with the Team.  

Thanks and best of luck to the Skipper for the Tigers' last 8 seasons!

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Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee has created a new superhero, "Chakra the Invincible", who is the first Superhero from India. 

- He's actually an unassuming computer tech support guy by day and only becomes invincible at night.  


With massive computer glitches keeping people from even getting on the Obamacare website, let alone actually being able to sign up, the Government says they are calling in "serious computer experts" to fix the website. 

- The team will be led by one "Chakra the Invincible".  


78% of Americans say they want to fire the entire Congress and start over.  

- Only 78%??? 

- The problem is they want to "start over" with George Washington and John Adams.  


North Korea has built a big water park.  

- The only requirement is you must be shorter than the cut-out of Kim Jong Un to ride the rides.   

- In an effort to continue starving his people, there are no concession stands, but they do provide grills if you want to bring your pet dog along for dinner.  

 - Un's secret plan is to load missiles on the rafts, float them to the U.S, then explode them. 


The violin played by the band leader of the Titanic to calm passengers as the ship sank has sold at auction for $1.45 million.  

- It would have gone for a lot more if it weren't for the "slight" water damage.  


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!  



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