Okay…Spring may not be here to stay - but it’s stopped by for a visit. Unfortunately, unlike relatives over the holidays, it’s not staying long. Regardless, I’m proudly putting on my black socks and sandals. (A great look anytime of the year!) 


Police in Connecticut arrested a 71-year-old woman on prostitution charges. 

- This finally explains why they call it “The World’s Oldest Profession”. 

- She puts the “Walker” in Street Walker. 


A Pennsylvania man was buried with a Burger King Whopper after his funeral procession stopped at the drive-up window. 

- His ex-wife showed up during the eulogy and yelled, “It should have been a Whopper Jr.!” 

- In a similar story, another man was buried at sea…along with a McDonald’s Fillet ‘O Fish. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger will be giving a series of motivational talks in Australia. 

- Well he’s certainly an expert of things “Down Under”. 

- He’s really trying to clean up his act. Wait…doesn’t he have a maid for that? 


It’s estimated that the family dog is the cause of at least 150 family arguments a year. 

- Most of which begin with the words “It wasn’t me…”


In an interview with NBC, country singer Mindy McCreedy denied shooting her boyfriend to death. 

- You can hear all about it in her new song “I Didn’t Shoot My Boyfriend To Death”. 


Ashton Kutcher was hospitalized after going on a fruit-only diet while preparing for a movie role where he plays Steve Jobs. 

- I thought an Apple a day was supposed to keep the doctor away.

- He was so dehydrated, EMT’s immediately put in an iV. 


On this day in 1933 the radio series “The Lone Ranger” made its radio debut. The program originated on WXYZ radio here in Detroit. (I worked there from 1968 to 1978).

- The Lone Ranger and his “faithful Indian companion” Tonto, got along well…except they disagreed about the country’s immigration policy. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!