It’s Friday… and that means it’s time for a brand-new Podcast! (#57 for those of your keeping track). Today Jackie and I welcome my daugher (one of Jackie’s five sisters) JoAnne, back to the conversation. As many of you know, JoAnne is an anchor on Channel 7 news. Today she reveals some exciting “behind the scenes” secrets about how local news works, what goes on during the broadcast, and some tricks anchors use to keep from sounding well, uh, stupid. 

Today’s podcast also features cameo’s by JoAnne’s two kids, Lauren (11) and Adam (9) who reveal something that JoAnne did no less than 37 times this summer during one visit to Cedar Point. They also share their feelings on exactly how they think their Mom looks without make-up. (Ouch!). 

There’s also a great story about what happened to TV reporter Bob Bennett while he was broadcasting live behind the rear-end of a horse. (Yup… it’s exactly what you’re thinking!)

And since it wouldn’t be a Purtan Podcast without some sort of health tip… I’ll tell you about a great new dark chocolate treat I found at Costco plus I - “Doctor Dickie”- offer up my favorite natural remedy for heartburn. (And after listening to this podcast, you might need it!) 

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday! 


Purtan Podcast #57 (30:16)