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Trial lawyers in the Kwame Kilpatrick Federal corruption trial will begin interviewing potential jurors this week. They plan on talking to 400 people. 

- If they can find 400 people in the city of Detroit who don’t already have an opinion of Kwame Kilpatrick, then I’m the Pope. 


Congrats to the Tigers for their amazing comeback last night at Comerica Park! They were down three runs in the 10th inning but swung back and won the game against Cleveland 10-8! Go Tigers! 


After 8 months and 352 million miles, the unmanned space rover “Curiosity” landed safely on Mars. The rover is about the size of a small car. 

- NASA was going to go with a full-size sedan rover, but with gas at 4 bucks a gallon, they decided to stick with the compact.  

The Rover will now begin searching for signs of life on Mars. 

- Following that, NASA will send the rover to Hollywood to look for signs of intelligent life at Lindsay Lohan’s house. 


A Yale Universtiy student spent three years riding buses across America to research the various ways that people keep other people from sitting next to them on a long trip. 

- Next up: A three year study of how men keep Fred Willard from sitting next to them in adult movie theaters. 


Today is National Fresh Breath Day. 

- It comes on the heels of last Friday’s “National Garlic and Onions Day”. 


On this day in 1979 12-year-old Marcus Hooper became the youngest person to swim the English Channel.

- Hitler couldn’t cross the English Channel… but Marcus Hooper could! 


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