Today Jackie and I are joined once again by former “Purtan’s Person” Tom DeLisle for a conversation that covers just about everything under the sun. From Kim Jong Un’s “Un-availablity” (the good ones are always taken!) to how some people (Tom and me included) have an unusual physical reaction when we’re really concentrating - the comments flow faster than Michael Phelps in an Olympic pool. 

Plus… Tom shares some great personal stories about legendary Detroit Red Wing Gordie Howe, and I’ll tell you about a guy I met at a local restaurant recently who gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “I’m not from around here”! 

So turn off the Women’s Beach Volleyball for a few minutes and listen in to our latest Podcast. It’s at least worth a Bronze! 

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And now… on with the show! 


Purtan Podcast #52 (27:06)

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