A recent study shows that the number one use for Smartphones is checking the weather. 

- So now it costs us hundreds of dollars to do something we used to do for free by looking outside. 


A new study finds that an increasing number of Americans prefer to attend Megachurches. 

- That’s because it’s easier to fall asleep without anyone noticing when your surrounded by thousands of other people.

-Coming soon: Megachurch Drive thrus… “Hey… you want forgiveness with that?” 


According to reports, President Obama is being criticized for brewing beer in the White House. 

- To answer the charges, he said “I didn’t build that!”


California Senator Barbara Boxer said that the Republicans have a “War on Women” because maybe they didn’t like their Moms or their first wives. 

- What a stupid and ignorant statement that is…What man doesn’t doesn’t like his Mom?


 It looks like Hurricane Issac may hit Tampa, Florida during the Republican National Convention there. 

- Maybe all the hot air inside will balance all the hot air outside


The British Royal Family is mad about the Internet pictures of a naked Prince Harry from that wild party in Las Vegas last weekend. 

- Although they are thankful that it wasn’t Charles and Camilla that went to Vegas. 


Kanye West is in talks to be a judge on American Idol. 

- I think it’s a good choice, especially if Beyonce has a new video out. 


Today’s Almanac…

On this day in 1609 the telescope was first demonstated by Galileo. 

- The telescope was first demonstrated for me in my frat house at Syracuse University, across from a girl’s dorm.


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Have a great day and I’ll see you back here for “Podcast Friday”!


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