Yesterday, we posted the story about Fred Willard - the incredibly gifted comedic actor - who was arrested last week for allegedly exposing himself in a LA adult theater. It was a hard story to do because I have a semi-personal relationship with Fred.

He was on the air with us a few years back when he was in town making a movie, and we ended up going to a Tiger Game. He was funny - and like a lot of comedians - very quiet. We talked about his role on “Fernwood Tonight” and his parts in the great Christopher Guest movies, “Waiting For Guffman” and “Best In Show”. He even volunteered to come out to the Royal Oak Music Theater, during my “Comedy Night Out”, and did 10 minutes of very funny stuff on stage. All in all, he seemed like a great guy, and, I’m sure he still is. 

But regarding his arrest… as they say, “Everybody has to have a hobby”.