The latest installment of my Podcast is kinda like a clown car… more and more people just keep pilin’ out! In this edition, Jackie and I are joined by my newly married daugher Jill, new-mommy daughter Julie, her newly born son Brayden, and some other family members who apparently “just happened to be in the neighborhood” while we were recording. We talk about everything from Kanye West’s pricey new sneakers to the fact that scientists have proven that there really is an “Old Person’s Smell”. (Four-month old Brayden also demonstrated to us that they’re can be a “Really Young Person’s Smell” too). Plus… we hop on the “Rolling Stone” bandwagon and give our own picks for the “Worst Song Of All Time.” Grab a GPS locator… cuz we’re all over the map on this one! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here with my blog on Monday morning! 


Purtan Podcast #46