As you may know, I am the proud father of six lovely daughters, and this year for Father’s Day they’re going all out! They decided to pool their money, spend none of it, and give me a day off from Podcasting! Since it’s their gift to me, I decided to post an “Encore” of a Podcast they did a while back while I was on vacation. It features daughters #1, #2 and #3 … also known as Jennifer, Jackie and Jill. 

I call it, “While Dad’s Away… aka ‘The Purtan Girls Gone Wild!’”. It’s actually Podcast #35 for you mathmatical types out there. 

After they recorded it I asked the girls what they talked about. They replied, “Anything and everything that we WOULDN’T have talked about if you’d been there!”

Think of it as “The View” on steroids!  

I hope you enjoy it and hope that your Father’s Day is a great one…

Purtan Podcast #35