A JetBlue flight from NY to Vegas turned into a nightmare yesterday morning when the pilot had some sort of mental or medical episode.  After acting strangely and storming out of the cockpit, the worried co-pilot locked him out. The pilot then began banging on the door and ranting about al-Qaeda, bombs, Iran and Iraq. He told passengers that they better say their prayers because they were all going down. Four passengers subdued the pilot by sitting on him while the plane made an emergency landing in Texas. 

- Other than that, the flight was pretty uneventful. 

- If there’s one thing worse than a mean drunk, it’s a mean drunk who happens to be flying the plane you’re on. 

- You can tell the passengers were on their way to Vegas to play poker… cuz they “Knew how to hold ‘em”. 

- The passengers didn’t think they’d be taking a gamble until they actually got to Vegas.