Jennifer, Dad, Jill, Mom, our dog Piper and Jackie… just a few short years ago! Happy first Friday of Spring! Dad is taking a long weekend and, with some trepidation, has left this edition of the Podcast in the semi-capable hands of yours truly, Jackie, and two of my five sisters, Jennifer and Jill. With “Dad” away… we cover a few topics that probably wouldn’t have made the Podcast otherwise:  From what Moms are really reading these days (oh my!) to the importance of Oscar Mayer Little Weiners at Purtan family gatherings… we let it all hang out.  Think of it as “The View” without the cat fights. On Steroids. Or maybe Estrogen.

Enjoy… chances are, Dad’s never going to let us do this again! 

Have a great weekend! 


Purtan Podcast #35  (24:58)