Jerry Lee Lewis is about to tie the knot - for the 7th time - and once again he’s keeping it in the family. The legendary “Great Balls of Fire” singer is set to marry Judith Brown, he ex-wife of his cousin “Rusty”. Of course, Jerry made headlines back in 1957 when he married his 13-year-old-cousin Myra Gale Brown - who just happens to be Rusty’s older sister. While family members say she’s a gold-digger, Judith describes herself as a “caregiver” to the 76-year-old. 

- It’s true! She runs all kinds of errands for him… like grocery shopping and taking him to the cleaners. 

- Judith says she isn’t expecting too much from the Honeymoon… at his age “A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” is actually a medical condition 

- In honor of the nuptials, Jerry will release an updated version of one of his classics entitled: “Nursing Home Confidential”.