UPDATE: As you listen to my lastest podcast, described and posted below, take a minute to look at some new pix that were sent to me by a listener that attented the Radiothon back on Feb. 24 - back when I still had my mustache! And now… on with the show!
Our good friend Tom DeLisle joins us at the table today as we cover everything from my freshly shaved upper lip (as we mentioned here yesterday, I deep-sixed my trademark mustache after 40 years to help raise money for the Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon) to my personal run-in with the great Walter Matthau’s ear hair. Plus, would you give up IQ points for bigger boobs? (I’m directing that question at the Ladies - and possibly Chaz Bono). The results of a new survey may surprise you!  We address the current rumors that George Clooney may be gay. And to get things rolling… my 6 week old Grandson Brayden stops by. Brought a real smile to my face - until my wife pointed out that it was just gas.  Have a great day and enjoy! 
Back Behind The Mic…