Jackie here… Why me, you ask? Because my Dad is already out at the Oakland Mall broadcasting live during this, the 25th Anniversary Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon.  It kicked off at 6am this morning and runs thru 10pm tonight… and you can hear it live on 760 WJR! 

The purpose of this event - as always - is to raise money for “The Bed & Bread Club” - an exceptional and vital program that feeds 5000 men, women and children in Metro-Detroit 365 days a year.  5000 people a day! No matter what the weather, the Salvation Army’s Bed & Bread Trucks head out to the streets every single day of the year to reach the very neediest among us - providing what for many is the only meal they’ll get that day.  

How can you help? It’s simple.  Just call 248-528-0760 or click on the link right here:  DONATE NOW! 

A donation of $120 ($10 a month) will feed one person for an ENTIRE YEAR and makes you an official member of “The Bed & Bread Club”. A donation of $240 ($20 a month) will feed TWO people for AN ENTIRE Year and will get you a very special throw blanket featuring the graphic you see here.  It will serve as a constant reminder of our thanks for your incredible generosity.  (Dad has been raving about the blanket all morning - no word on whether he’s also been cluching it and sucking his thumb!)

But all kidding aside, please know that whatever amount you can donate will be welcomed and very much appreciated! You never know who you may be helping… a neighbor, former co-worker, or someone who’s just recently fallen on hard times. The bottom line is, any one of us could find ourselves falling on hard times - and luckily the Salvation Army would be there for us.  

Again, you can make your donation now by calling 248-528-0760 or by simply clicking on DONATE NOW!

So please join my Dad, the guys from WJR, “Purtan’s People” (Rebekah Rhodes, Big Al, and myself) plus a host of special guests including Bill Cosby, Tim Allen and many of your favorite local media celebs as we raise money for this utterly vital program!  

Tune in at 760 WJR, watch live streaming video at WJR.com, or - if you can - stop by the Mall!  

Most of all, I hope you will find it in your heart to donate! As I mentioned, this is the 25th Anniversary of the Bed & Bread Club Radiothon - a fundraiser my Dad started all those years ago.  (The first year, they raised $15,000 and were pretty thrilled with that!) By the time he signed off the air in March of 2010, the Radiothon had raised an incredible $25 million dollars - or put another way, enough to provide 75 Million Meals.

And now, he’s dusted off his headphones and stepped out of retirement for this very special 25th Anniversary - because of his incredible passion for this program. Tune in, listen to the stories, and make your donation - and I promise that you will feel a passion for the “Bed & Bread Club” as well.  

Thanks so very much! 


P.S. To put you in a good mood on this snowy day, Dad asked me to put up one of his very favorite “Best Of” bits from his radio show.  Enjoy! 

Howard Cosell & The Polka Grammy’s (4:57)