Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! The 25th Anniversary Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon kicks off Friday morning at 6am - live from the Oakland Mall on 760 WJR.  And as always, it will run a full 16-hours until it wraps up at 10pm. 

I will be out at the mall, behind the mic, throughout the event along with “Purtan’s People” and the guys from WJR as we raise funds for this amazing program. 

Each day, the Salvation Army Bed & Bread Trucks travel to the most impoverished areas of Metro-Detroit, feeding 5000 people - that’s right - 5000 men, women and children EVERY SINGLE DAY. 365 DAYS A YEAR. Even on big snow days like the one we’re expecting tonight into tomorrow. For many, it’s the ONLY meal they’ll get all day. And tomorrow’s Radiothon is the fundraiser that makes it all possible. 

A donation of $120 (that’s $10 a month) feeds one person for an entire year; Double that to $240 ($20 a month) and you will feed two people for an entire year.  And not one penny goes to administrative costs - every single cent goes towards providing hearty soup, sandwiches, fruit, hot chocolate, coffee, lemonade - whatever the season calls for - to people who are desperately in need.  

If you were a listener of my radio show, you know that I have a real passion for this program. In fact, we held our very first Radiothon 25 years ago in an effort to give back to the community.  That first year we were thrilled to raise $15,000!  As the years went by, word got out about this amazing “Club” and I am proud to say that with the incredible generosity of people like you, we have raised a total of over $25 million. That $25 million has allowed the Salvation Army to serve over 75 Million Meals to people right here in Metro-Detroit. But at the end of every year, the money we raised the year before is gone. There is no “piggy bank” or “rainy day fund” to fall back on.  In short, every year, we start from scratch. 

And so now, once again, I’m asking for your help. I know that times are tough - but if you’re lucky enough to have a roof over your head and are able to provide food and shelter for you and your family - I’m hoping that you can find it in your heart to help those who are in less fortunate circumstances.  

Remember, a donation of $120 will feed one person for an entire year and make you an official member of “The Bed & Bread Club”.  A donation of $240 will feed two people for 365 days and will get you special commemorative throw blanket featuring the graphic you see in the picture to the left.  It will serve as a constant reminder of your generosity. But we’re not greedy - just needy! Any amount that you are able to donate will be gratefully accepted and deeply appreciated.  

I hope that you will have time to stop by and see us at the Oakland Mall tomorrow - if you can’t make it in person, you can listen live on 760 WJR - or listen to the live stream on  

You can even donate right now by calling 248-528-0760 or clicking on the following link. Donate Now.

I thank you so much for your support and look forward to a busy and successful 25th Anniversary Radiothon tomorrow! 


P.S. And now for a little pre-Radiothon fun… I present another one of my personal favorite “Best Ofs” - and one of the most popular bits from my entire career. It’s the always amazing Joe Noune playing Howard Cosell at a very special sporting event… 

Howard Cosell At The Iditarod  (1:16) 

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