Democratic pollster turned TV commentator Dick Morris reveals some shocking details about the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair in a new PBS documentary.  Morris claims that even after denying the affair on national television, Clinton said to him, “Ever since I got to the White House I’ve had to shut my body down - sexually, I mean - but I screwed up with this girl.” Morris ran a poll and found that Americans would forgive the infidelity, but would have a harder time forgiving the fact that he lied.

- He had to shut his body down sexually once he got to the White House? Call me crazy… but didn’t I read that Hillary also lived there?  

- The documentary also reveals that the Clinton White House had 3 Wings: The West Wing, The East Wing, and the wing where Hillary winged Bill with the lamp she threw at him. 

- I don’t think Bill Clinton’s body is going to “shut down sexually” until the day he dies. And even then, they’re gonna have trouble closing the lid on the casket.