Yesterday, Mitt Romney won nearly half the votes in the Florida GOP Primary, more than New Gingrich and Rick Santorum combined. The Mitt-en came in first in almost all demographics, including seniors, Latinos and even Tea Party conservatives, who think he’s got the best chance of beating Obama.  Newt’s checkered romantic past seems to have bitten him in the butt: While men viewed him favorably by a 2-1 margin, while women split 50-50. 

- Newt’s used to spliting everything he has 50/50 with his ex-wives. 

- Newt’s attempt to get the Cuban vote didn’t work. Apparently campaigning up and down the coastline on a Chevrolet raft just didn’t go over. 

- Romney got the Jewish vote by promising “A Kosher Chicken In Every Pot”. 

- The thing that really killed Newt was that billboard of him in a Speedo! 

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