And so it goes. More than eight Billion dollars ($2 Billion on the Presidential election alone), and about eighty gazillion radio and tv ads later and we are right back where we started from. Same President. Same Republican led House. Same Democrat led Senate. Same Gridlock.

No matter how you are feeling this morning - Happy or Sad, Thrilled or Disappointed… Let’s just hope our elected officials can put all the negative “He’ll/She’ll do/say anything to get elected” stuff aside, roll up their sleeves, and actually try to work together and get something done. 


Lines at many polling places yesterday were longer than any time in recent memory. 

- In fact last time I waited in line that long was for a “Tickle Me Elmo” doll at Toys R Us.


One of the big topics on Twitter last night was whether or not ABC’s Diane Sawyer, co-anchor of their election coverage with George Stephanoplous, was drunk during the broadcast. Video’s of what some describe as odd behavior, slurred speech and unusual questions are all over the internet. 

- If you had to sit next to George Stephanoplous all night long, you’d have to fortify yourself too… 

- Maybe she was just trying to drink George pretty. 

Here’s a sample of one of the videos…


You be the judge! 


According to a new poll, 73 percent of Americans say they are stressed at work. 

- Another poll finds that 100% of Amercians said if they never hear the results of another poll about anything, it will be too soon. 


So now things go back to normal on our television screens. No more political commercials, just the ones so near and dear to our hearts — those for Geiko, Cialis and Bladder Control.  

Have a great day! 



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