So here we are smack dab in the middle of that magical time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What better time to take a few minutes to spend with a couple of fruitcakes (Me and Jackie) and our special guest, Dale Johnson. Before Dale became the producer-extradordianare of my 16-Hour Radiothon for the Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club, he spent a few years as a “Mall Santa”. Today he shares a few of his favorite stories that include everything from a wet knee to the time his Santa-pants ended up around his ankles. 

There’s also talk of the Pope’s new book that debunks some time-honored Christmas traditions…and we ponder what seems to be a new tradition: Everything on kids wish lists seems to be made by Apple! From a guy who used to wait anxiously for Lincoln Logs, that makes me kind of iMad! 

Plus…we’ve got important information if you’re flying this holiday season (on a plane, not a sleigh). Turns out the TSA agents will be scanning a lot more than just you… (Hint: It gives a whole new meaning to “Pie in the Sky”). 

Speaking of “invasive pat downs”… we’ll tell you about a new study out of Britain that determines whether or not there’s any such thing as “the perfect woman” and we’ll relay the sad story of a parrot who was killed by his owner’s boyfriend! Boy, you gotta wonder what the bird said to this guy!

So take a break from swearing at that strand of lights that just went out leaving a big blank spot on your tree and listen into some Holiday cheer (and a few jeers!) in Podcast #65. 

Have a great weekend!

- Dick 

Purtan Podcast #65: “It’s Beginning to Sound A Lot Like Christmas!” (34:38)

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