After two men came forward claiming they were the victims of an underage sexual relationship with actor Kevin Clash, the voice of Elmo, Clash resigned from Sesame Street. 

- His first words were, “Can you tell me how to get…how to get to the Red Light District?”

- Elmo was so embarrassed he turned bright red!


The cost of Thanksgiving dinner is going up again this year.  

- Apparently it’s the additional cost of purchasing pies and cakes, instead of having the usual Twinkies for dessert. 

- There may not be any Twinkies, but since the relatives are coming over, at least there will be a lot of Ding Dongs. 


Costco is selling complete “Turkey Dinners In A Box” for $79.95. Costco says “It is made up of free samples offered in the store over the last year.”

- I don’t know about you, but the way they describe that, it sounds pretty disgusting to me.


If you are flying over the Holiday, keep in mind that this year the TSA is Going to scan all pies and cakes. 

- Fruitcakes will be confiscated as “Bombs”. 

- In today’s world, it’s “Over the Hill and Through the Scanner to Grandmother’s House We Go!”


A new study has shown that having a little brother can raise your blood pressure. 

- The study was funded by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. 


On this day in 1942 Tweety Bird, aka Tweety Pie debuted. 

- Tweety Pie’s sister, Twinkee Pie got into a labor dispute and retired. 


Have a great “Day before the Big Day” and I’ll see you back here with a special Thanksgiving Day treat tomorrow!