Want something to keep your mind off the Tigers 2nd loss to the Giants? You’ve come to the right place! 

In today’s Podcast, Jackie and I touch on just about everything but baseball… from old movies (I actually sat through an Elvis flick ALL THE WAY THROUGH) to a rather unusual habit I have of Googling “certain things” while I’m watching TV (you’ll have to listen to find out!). From “Hollywood Squares” to “Young Frankenstein”, it’s all part of our verbal meander down entertainment memory lane. 

We also bounce from Meredith Baxter Bernie to Hitler’s Bunker (even I can’t explain how that happened). 

Then, in a flash-forward to the present, Jackie reveals the repercussions of accidentally texting your mom - when you think you’re texting your sisters. (Can you say “Fifty Shades of Humiliation”)?

And, ironically, since this all happens live and in one-take, Jackie gets a surprise text from her college boyfriend and we end up discussing the relationship between her ex-husband and her current boyfriend - (let’s hope at least one of them doesn’t listen to this Podcast!)

Finally, you’ll find out something I did recently that, apparently, is a clear “danger signal” that I’m really “retired”! 

So put on your mental cleats and get ready for a run around the bases of Podcast #62! 

Have a great weekend! 


Podcast #62 (28:02)